2006-2011 Honda Civic 2.2 Diesel (EU)

Eighth-generation Honda Civic hatchbackHistorically the Honda Civic was boring, dull, bland in design and uninspiring, although, up to 2006, Honda still sold over 15 million Civics worldwide! Commencing production in 1972 it is one of the longest-running models in the car industry. However, the new model is a real break from tradition and you don’t have to be over 50 to want one, it’s now a car for young people too.

The Mk8 version, introduced in 2006 (running until 2011), was revolutionary and light years ahead of its time. Space age in its design, superb cockpit (with LED lights), a rear window obscured by an oversized spoiler, twin triangular exhausts, a big red starting button and door handles like space rockets. As a result, all the manufacturers (at the time) had to go back to the drawing board as it made all thier cars look outdated.

Originally a concept car and now made at Swindon in England, it was something completely different and hugely exciting, unlike its many predecessors. The Honda badge is enclosed in a perspex safety cabinet at the front of the car and headlights which wrap around the entire front of the vehicle.

Although it does come with a hard ride, feeling every bump but it’s a small price to pay for all the technology you are getting. The only other thing against the Civic is the general lack of headroom and legroom in the back.

The mid-range 1.8 litre petrol version costs around £15,000 new, the same as a Ford Focus and fractionally less than a VW Golf. The ride height of the new Civic is a lot lower than previous incarnations and the steering sharp and responsive. The 2.2 diesel mode has the same power output (about 140bhp) as the 1.8 litre petrol and costs the same. 6-speed manual as standard and sat-nav is available on the higher spec models. Prices start at £12,500 for the basic model. 0-60 is achieved in just over 8 seconds, a top speed of 127mph and 55mpg if you have the diesel model. A 1.4-litre model is also available but best avoided as it is underpowered. Road tax is very reasonable too.

Features such as Voice activation, panoramic roof, hardened paint finish, colossal and refrigerated glove box (large enough to hide a decent sized rucksack), hidden compartment in the boot and fold-down (flat) rear seats, they also fold up allowing you to transport taller items. A real nice feature. The new Honda Civic real offers plenty of storage and luggage space.

A premium car feel for a middle-of-the-road hatchback price. The 2.2 diesel model is probably the pick of the three engines available but make sure you get one with the manual gearbox.

We are looking for non-running, accident-damaged and insurance write-off Honda Civics now, especially the 2.2 diesel models, please contact us if you are looking to dispose of one…