Car Insurance Write Off Advice

Accident Vehicle-101Be wary of buying a motor vehicle written off by an insurance company.

There’s nothing wrong in buying a written off car, providing you do so with your eyes wide open and with professional advice, knowing the downsides of doing so. Depending on the extent of the damage and cost of repairing the car, will determine the write off category that has been recorded with the DVLA, we have listed the most used categories as follows;

  • Category A – The car has to be scrapped with none of its parts being sold for any purpose other than for scrap.
  • Category B – The car must not be re-sold. However, non-structural and roadworthy parts may be salvaged, sold and re-used.
  • Category C – The car is economically repairable but the cost of repair (and/or parts) is usually outweighed by the¬†value of the vehicle.
  • Category D – The vehicle may legally return to the road but the cost in doing so outweighs the value of the car.
  • Category X – The car is easily repaired and may return to the road – usually stolen recovered vehicles.


Cambridgeshire Car BreakersObviously, if you own a car that has been written off then you must advise your insurance company otherwise your policy may be invalidated. Many insurance companies will not even quote for such a vehicle and at least would require an engineers report confirming the necessary work has been undertaken to ensure the car is roadworthy.

Before buying any car run an online HPi (Hire Purchase Investigation) check, they can be done online from just a few quid and you can check for any adverse history on the car, pay a little extra and you can check for mileage discrepancies too.

What usually happens to written off cars?

Peterborough Car SalvageThose that are repairable are often bought by motor dealers/traders, who can fix them at trade prices (lower than the insurance company can get them fixed for) and sell them on, at a discounted price compared to a similar can that has not been written off. The cost of labour is high and you might be surprised what cars are written off what appear to have sustained very little damage!

A Cat C car will have to undergo a Vehicle Identity Check (VIC) before it is allowed on the road again. It is also against the law to not declare whether the car has been written off, when selling it.

Buyer beware…