Insuring A Written-Off Car

Cambridgeshire Car BreakersThere’s nothing wrong in buying a car that has been written off, although you are limited to the number of insurance companies that will even entertain a quote and you will find that you cannot use the online insurance comparison service websites, you will need to phone the insurance company before they will quote you.

Also, to ensure they are comfortable the car has been restored to a satisfactory standard it is not unusual for them to ask for an engineers report confirming that the car has been repaired to a satisfactory and road-legal standard.

Before you go and inspect the car make sure your insurance company will cover it, there’s no use agreeing to buy the car, exchanging money and then find out you cannot drive it home!

Buying a written off car is commonplace in the UK and an affordable means of buying a newer car than you could otherwise normally afford to purchase, just make sure the insurance premium doesn’t outweigh the benefit!