How To Scrap Your Car or Van

Peterborough Car BreakersWith the advent of the internet (and Google) it is now much easier disposing of your car, van or motorcycle once it has reached its end of life. Gone are the days where you drive to your local breakers yard (usually via a dirt track off the local industrial estate), hand over the keys and walk away with the equivalent £££’s of scrap metal value of your (once) beloved car.

Today there are multiple websites offering to pay cash for your unwanted car, you simply input your registration and, within seconds, you receive a valuation. You make an appointment and they visit you, at your convenience, and take the car away. Other websites simply tout your car details to a number of local (and/or national) breakers, who contact you direct with a cash offer, you choose with one, if any, you accept. There are also charities who could benefit from the scrap metal value of your vehicle. The offer largely depends on the value of scrap metal at the time, as it can fluctuate.

The DIY philosophy is much more popular these days and websites such as ebay and gumtree have put many a scrapyards out of business, coupled with increased legislation have made it too difficult to compete and make a genuine living. There is a huge supply of car and motorcycle parts bought and sold on ebay and Joe Public tend to use this as their primary source of used parts, from the comfort (and warmth) of their own home.

Be aware – If your vehicle is being scrapped then you should be issued with a DVLA Certificate of Destruction. Alternatively, you must ensure ownership is transferred to the scrapyard by completing the necessary section on the logbook and sending it off to the DVLA.