Scrapping Your Car or Van – The Law!

Car Breaker in PeterboroughIf you vehicle is being scrapped (as opposed to being repaired and re-sold/re-used on the road or broken up for spares), then it is your responsibility to use an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF). Scrap vehicles contain hazardous waste which, obviously. has to be disposed of carefully. If you use an illegal website then you could be subject to prosecution. The requirements are as follows;

  • All vehicles must be de-polluted by an authorised ATF.
  • Car manufacturers are responsible for ensuring there is a sufficient network of ATFs and customers offered a free return service
  • You must be issued a Certificate of Destruction if your vehicle is being scrapped.


Please be aware that we do not issue destruction certificates as we do not offer a vehicle scrapping facility, we re-use vehicles for parts or maintain their usability on the road (assuming of course they are roadworthy or capable or being maintained to a roadworthy standard), if a car we receive is only of use as scrap then we will simply refer you to a facility that can handle your vehicle or we will take your vehicle to such a facility.

* The law in the UK differs slightly to Northern Ireland.

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