Scrapping Your Vehicle

Car Breakers in CambridgeshireUnder UK legislation (for environmental reasons) it is not possible to simply take in a car and crush it, firstly you must remove all hazardous materials, such as tyres, batteries and fluids, including engine oil, petrol and brake fluid.

A vehicle scrapping process will include the following;

  • All fluids drained (including oil (engine and gearbox), petrol/diesel, engine coolant, windscreen washer fluid, power assisted steering fluid and brake fluid).
  • Remove battery.
  • Remove wheels and separate from tyres.
  • Air bag and seat belt tensioners removed.
  • Refrigerant removed from the air-con system.

From 2005 new legislation was introduced, all vehicles that are end-of-life must be taken to a DVLA-approved Authorised Treatment Facility, you can check the government register of all such authorised facilities here. You should then be provided with a Certificate of Destruction (CoD), usually within a few days, this is a legal requirement and proof that your vehicle has been disposed of legally. The DVLA are entitled to fine anyone £80 who cannot produce a CoD, you are deemed legally responsible for the vehicle.

Being paid in cash is also illegal, from October 2013, under the Scrap Metal Dealers Act (to combat metal theft, i.e. railway copper lines!).

If you are not issued with a CoD then, either the car is being disposed of illegally or it is going back on the road.

The information contained here is correct at the time of publication – 4th December 2014.